$1 Billion US Lottery Creates Worldwide Buying Frenzy “Foreign ticket sales for Friday night’s US Mega Millions at an all-time high”

This week’s $868 million USD jackpot in the American Mega Millions lottery is attracting a massive number of players from outside the US to where they can purchase their official paper tickets online. The super-sized jackpot is bound to rise even further before the draw due to the worldwide interest. Mega Millions is widely expected by industry insiders to surpass the $1 billion mark.

TheLotter’s spokesman Austin Weaver: “After multi-million-dollar jackpot wins by theLotter players from Panama, Canada, Australia and Europe, the current Mega Millions is again drawing in countless visitors from across the world. Friday night’s jackpot is the largest Mega Millions jackpot in history and the second largest of any lottery (only Powerball surpassed the billion dollar mark once), and so our US couriers are working around the clock to purchase tickets on behalf of customers overseas.”

Weaver continues: “We have seen rapid worldwide growth in recent years. In large part this is due to the media exposure our foreign jackpot winners generated. Players trust theLotter, as theLotter is quite an exception when it comes to online lotteries: we are one of the few operators to physically purchase official paper lottery tickets. Many online competitors look to be doing the same as us, but read their fine print and you’ll discover they actually only offer betting options. In other words, they are just betting shops, with no relation to the actual lottery. We work completely differently. Our couriers in the United States go out every day and physically buy and scan tickets for customers. When someone wins they are flown out to the US to personally claim their prize. It’s legal, we’ve done it for more than a decade and it’s secure. Customers’ paper tickets are kept inside a safe.”

“US jackpot levels are now again climbing to the huge heights we saw two years ago – the current $868 million jackpot in Friday night’s Mega Millions is definitely the stuff dreams are made of. Now it is just a matter of time before we celebrate with another multimillionaire. The question is: from which country?”