Millions of Tickets Sold Overseas for $1.6 Billion US Lottery “Increased demand for US Mega Millions lottery tickets pushes its rival Powerball jackpot to $750 million.”

The worldwide buzz concerning US lotteries continues. One day after a singular player from South Carolina won $1.6 billion in the Mega Millions, the other big American lottery, the US Powerball, follows in Mega Millions’ slipstream with an eye-watering $750 million jackpot. Millions of Europeans, Australians and Latin Americans are ordering tickets for the $750 million US Powerball on Saturday.

TheLotter’s spokesman Austin Weaver: “These jackpots are drawing in people from all over the world. And no wonder: the amounts at stake are unbelievable. This week’s winner of the $1.6 billion Mega Millions will be able to buy Juventus, Tottenham Hotspur, Paris St. Germain or Borussia Dortmund outright. He or she possesses more capital than Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp put together. It’s borderline insane.”

“We don’t yet know the name of the winner of the $1.6 billion Mega Millions jackpot, and, in fact, we may never find out, because South Carolina is one of a handful of states where winners can remain anonymous to protect them against risks associated with this kind of wealth.”

Weaver continues: “In the past week alone, theLotter has been in the media from CNN to the BBC, to Bild in Germany, as we’re one of the few trustworthy operators. We physically purchase US lottery tickets on behalf of overseas players. And this is allowed. The official Powerball rules state that “You do not have to be a citizen or a resident to play the game”. To collect any prize, however, a ticket must stay in the US. The US Immoral Acts Law states that you “are prohibited from importing any lottery ticket.”

“That is why we keep tickets inside a safe and send a scan of the paper ticket to the customer. Winners fly out to the US and claim their jackpot in person. Our past winners from Europe, Australia, Canada, Iraq and Latin America have all been checked thoroughly by federal and state agencies and stakeholders and each time these authorities have concluded that we and the winners acted in an appropriate manner under the rules of the lottery and all applicable US laws.”

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